Injury Prevention Redefined

Harnessing the Cloud to reduce MSD

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Offers faster, reliable and accurate assessments. JointActionAuto saves costs on RA’s; it frees up the WHS specialists to focus on the risk control. The introduction of a novel approach will attract attention and educate and involve people with the WHS issue.


JointAction is a leader in Musculoskeletal Health, delivering training modules and analysis technologies to its partners via its proprietary cross platform mobile app. The App is accessible, easy to use and extensive in capability.

For physical & Office work

Education & training modules

Educational modules are delivered via the app either as fully completed video clips to play to your employees, or well-resourced presentation materials for them to present.

Tools for easy, rapid on-site assessment

MSD Risk-Assessment tools

The MSD Risk Assessment and Reporting Tools are based on current hazard identification and risk control methods. These are combined with the claims and injury data analysis to effectively score risk. This is a powerful assessment and reporting tool by its interactive and automated features.

Expert analysis at your fingertips

Remote advanced analysis

The video and motion sensor data you collect with the app can easily be sent to expert JAG ergonomists for thorough analysis with a press of a button. Then you are given a feedback video and a pdf report to view and save in the app.